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Dark Market Vape Co

Bananas are often frowned upon in e-liquids as a polarizing flavor.  When Dark Market Vape Co. put their heads together to create their first flavor SPLIT!, they went against the grain in an attempt to squash the stigma surrounding banana e-liquids.

After months of tweaks, SPLIT! was ready for the market, and exploded onto the scene with unfathomable fanfair.  Finally, a banana flavor that didn’t overwhelm the palate, is well balanced, and is all-day-vape-able.  SPLIT! hit the ground running and has almost instantly become one of the most popular e-liquids on the market today.

Since then, Dark Market has released a number of other flavors which are sure to please.

All Dark Market Vape Co’s products are dedicated to the memory of Dark Market Vape Co’s late partner, Ken Sivaraman.