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Vaping Rabbit's Crumbleberry (30ML)

Fresh and sweet raspberry flavor paired with pie cream and a crispy crumble crust.
RM80 RM50

Vaping Rabbit's Moonies (30ML)

Buttery and decadent vanilla cake, layered with rich chocolate and infused with a fluffy marshmallow filling.
RM80 RM50

Vaping Rabbit's Strudelhaus 30ML

The Milkman delivers again! This time with a warm and flaky strudel loaded with sweet blueberries, filled with cream, and topped with powdered sugar—it's a divine pastry experience! The sweet and creamy blueberry indulges your senses with a reminiscent decadence from times past—as premium Milkman flavors always do—and the flaky crust and powdered sugar on the finish complete your experience with wholesome perfection.
RM80 RM50

Vaping Rabbit's-Little Dipper 30ML

Little Dipper is the Milkman’s take on a timeless and delicious classic: freshly baked sugar cookies dipped in an ice-cold glass of creamy milk! The warm, sweet cookie and creamy milk combine with perfect harmony on the inhale, and crisp cookie goodness dominates on the delicious exhale. Little Dipper offers another indulgent and masterfully crafted flavor from the past that you just can’t beat.
RM80 RM50