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Katt Liquids GOVC 60ML

Good Old Vanilla Custard! Enough said!
RM75 RM45

Katt Liquids Peacemaker 60ML

Cinnamon Roll with heavy apple jam. The cinnamon bun is extremely soft and subtle which doesn't come overpowering at any point of experience!
RM75 RM45

Katt Liquids Prodigal Son 60ML

Natural, more towards sour than overly or artificially sweet strawberries and cream. It has a hint of sourness to give that strawberry its natural taste while having a subtle quark undertone in the cream for a more complex and distinct experience. Like Red Velvet!
RM75 RM45

Katt Liquids Zero Sixteen 60ML

Dessert lovers choice, Zero Sixteen is a complex yet well-rounded pistachio ice cream cone which has a very creamy, almost custardy vanilla ice cream base with caramel toffee drizzled on top!
RM75 RM45